Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Quran Recitation


Reading the Quran together
*December schedule*

Every saturday 

 Every saturday, we will have Quran recitation at the mosque. We will start with performing Maghrib and Isya' prayer together in jamaah.

 After Maghrib prayer, everyone will gahter around and recite 1 chapter ( juzu'),abaout 20 pages, together,and read by turn.

 During the recitation, if there is mistake, we will correct the mistake.

 Do not worry if you are cannot read Quran  as everyone is not perfect either. 
 We will guide each one of us to better our reading.

 Sometimes, we will stop at certain sentence (ayat) to discuss the meaning, and relate it to our daily life, and current issues.

Eating some snacks after Isya and Quran recitation session
After every session, we will have some juice and snacks brought by some members. Please stay to have some chat with every member of community.

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May Allah bless everyone of us and we get to the Jannatul Firdaus together